Catalyst Effect Office Fitout


‘Catalyst Effect’ is a dynamic firm of accounting and business advisers. To relocate their offices on a very limited budget, the design approach relied on simple, clever planning, a bold use of colour and a few pieces of sculpted joinery.

Catalyst Effect Office 04_Reception_Bart Maiorana Photo ©
Reception and Waiting Area with ‘Blue Moon’ painting by Marika Varady (my sister) and side table designed by Stephen Varady.

With a fixed entry point from the lift lobby, the conference room was placed on one side of the reception and the offices on the other side. A file storage area was positioned behind the reception allowing a more private connection between the conference room and the main office. To still get natural light into the reception, a thin horizontal window was placed in the wall between the reception and file storage area. Positioned at eye level, the window also gives a view from the reception area to the outside, expanding the perception of space without showing off the clutter of the photocopy and file storage area.

Catalyst Effect Office_Plan_Stephen Varady Image ©
Catalyst Effect – Plan
Catalyst Effect Office_Sections_Stephen Varady Image ©
Catalyst Effect – Sections

Catalyst Effect Office 03_Reception_Bart Maiorana Photo ©

Catalyst Effect Office 12_Reception_Stephen Varady Photo ©

The main office area is divided into separate work bays around the perimeter using simple coloured screens.

Catalyst Effect Office 11_Work Cubicles_Bart Maiorana Photo ©

The centre of the office area is used for group meetings, and allows for additional workstations to be added as the company grows in the future.

Catalyst Effect Office 10_Boardroom_Bart Maiorana Photo ©
Conference Room with conference table in 8 pieces and ‘Echo’ painting by Marika Varady.

The conference table is designed in eight separate pieces for greater flexibility allowing one single large conference table to be transformed into a number of different configurations for workshops and training seminars.

Catalyst Effect Office 09_Boardroom_Bart Maiorana Photo ©

Catalyst Effect Office 07_Lectern_Bart Maiorana Photo ©

The sculptural lectern houses power and phone cables for multimedia presentations.



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