Living the Modern_On Australian Architecture Exhibition, Berlin


DAZ Berlin Exhibition 11_Exhibition Poster ©

This exhibition presented the ‘tradition and transformation’ of Modern Architecture in Australia, showing the culturally and environmentally specific development of modern architecture in Australia through the work of 25 Australian architects over the last 15 years.  Concentrating on housing, the exhibition depicted a diverse ‘Progressive Modernism’.

DAZ Berlin Exhibition 05_Stephen Varady Photo ©

The goal of the exhibition was to demonstrate the independent development of Australian Architecture through excellent architectural examples that are widely unknown in Europe, showing that in Australia, aspects of Modernism have been transformed, interpreted, used, reformed and converted.

DAZ Berlin Exhibition 06_Stephen Varady Photo ©

This DAZ exhibition, curated by Dr. Claudia Perren with Kristien Ring, was composed of a floating array of 25 internally lit lozenges showing 2 projects by each architect per lozenge. The 25 architects were grouped under the titles of Minimal, Sculptural, Frame, Interaction, Landscape and East/West.

DAZ Berlin Exhibition 04_Stephen Varady Photo ©

The Stephen Varady Architecture projects, the Perraton Apartment in Sydney and the Larson Kelly Residence in Tea Gardens, was grouped under Sculptural with Wood Marsh, Fender Katsalidis, McBride Charles Ryan and Elenberg Fraser.

DAZ Berlin Exhibition 09_Stephen Varady Photo ©

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive catalogue and was opened on 12 September 2007, where Stephen Varady gave the opening lecture _On Australian Architecture.

DAZ Berlin Exhibition_Opening Lecture 01_Karl Fender ©

DAZ Berlin Exhibition 12_Exhibition Book ©



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