Iffy Cafe

The owner of the original iffy cafe was offered additional space when the entry foyer to this office building was remodelled, making the new cafe more than twice its original size.  The kitchen was completely re-planned with more workspace and storage, although still in a confined setting.  The new design created internal seating for 42 instead of the original 8, as well as additional storage for stock.

The idea was to create a moody, enclosed atmosphere – as if the customer was inside a cup of coffee, so the walls and ceiling are painted a dark brown colour and the floor is black concrete.

The design also uses ‘Marblo’ (an Australian solid surface material) for the benchtops, counter and signboard.  The beauty of the material is that it can be made in any colour and comes in a translucent finish.  The side benches are a cafe latte colour while the main signboard is a bright red with backlighting, allowing the changing menus to be displayed.  The main table was specially manufactured by Marblo for this cafe – it has a base layer of cream translucent material with a top layer of clear resin filled with coffee beans.  It is set at stool height but is designed as a communal table where meals, newspapers, magazines and conversations can be shared.

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