Porter Apartment

The Porter Apartment is located in the historic 1936 Wyldefel Gardens development in Potts Point.  There are a series of two storey buildings cascading down the site with one apartment on the ground floor and one on first floor.  Each first floor apartment opens onto a garden located on the roof of the next apartment below.  The Porter Apartment is one of those.

This is one of those projects where simple but effective moves were made to greatly improve the living experience of the apartment.  A series of sliding doors were introduced to allow for multiple variations of use, allowing for a variety of seasonal modes, and both bathrooms were totally upgraded and clad in Colourback glass.

The main bathroom is clad in white Colourback with a translucent blue Marblo all-in-one vanity bench with built-in basin and extension into the shower.

The guest bathroom was inspired by the owner’s love of Mark Rothko’s paintings.  A series of colour studies of Rothko paintings were done and then transformed into 29 panels of different coloured glass, creating an ever changing sensual experience in a very condensed space.

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